Becoming a Physician Assistant

Become a Physician assistant and join a career with extraordinary versatility in where you work, when you work and what kind of work you do. Learn how PAs are filling … Continued

Evidence-Based Practice In Physical Therapy

Physical therapists want to make well-informed clinical decisions. That’s why many are turning to evidence-based practice through which they create a comprehensive knowledge base that improves patient treatment outcomes.

Becoming A School-Based Speech Language Pathologist

Why should you become a school based speech-language pathologist? Some of the benefits include getting summers off, working as part of a team and a constant challenge in helping students with a variety of issues

How Occupational Therapy Helps Autistic Patients

There are many ways occupational therapy helps autistic patients. This can be through creating personalized programs for the patient and outlining ways family members can support better communication at home or elsewhere.

Importance of Non-Technical Skills For Physical Therapists

Physical therapists support patients physically and emotionally. To be fully prepared to take on the role of a physical therapist, their education and training should focus on developing soft skills and patient-centered care.
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