What tools and skills does a data analyst use?

Data analytics is an umbrella term for a huge field of interdisciplinary roles. Amazon web services (AWS) defines data analytics as the actionable insight gleaned from raw data sets. “It … Continued

Project Management For Data Analysts

Data analysts know how to collect, analyze and interpret information. Can project management skills expand these amazing abilities? The short answer is yes. By aligning the data analytics lifecycle with … Continued

5 Reasons Why To Become A Data Analyst

A positive job outlook is just one of many compelling reasons to become a data analyst. The field of data analytics involves the analysis of data to get better insights … Continued

Steps To Creating A Data-Driven Workplace

Data analysts are providing sought-after expertise as more companies become data-driven. By bridging the business and technical worlds, they perform significant roles in cultivating a data-forward culture. Companies in industries … Continued

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to intrigue and fascinate people as technology grows rapidly. It is contributing to analytics capabilities by making data more automated, accessible and analyzable. AI describes a … Continued

Building A Data Analyst Portfolio

A portfolio is a showcase of skills, talent and achievements. For data analysts, it is also a way to tell a story. But, instead of telling a story about data, … Continued

Role of Data Analytics In Marketing

The field of marketing is taking a scientific approach to reaching customers. In this case, the science involves data that provides insights into who customers are and why they do … Continued
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