Carlow University Will Stand Up (and Dance) Today to Oppose Violence Against Women

Carlow University joins with One Billion Rising to oppose violence against women worldwide and raise awareness through standing up and dancing.

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Communication Classes Lead the Demonstration Today at 2:45 PM in Carlow’s University Commons

Pittsburgh, Pa. –
Carlow University will join with One Billion Rising to oppose violence against women worldwide and raise awareness by dancing today at 2:45 p.m. in the second floor common area of University Commons, located in the center of Carlow’s campus.

“Statistics show that one in three women across the planet will be beaten, raped, violated, or slaughtered during her lifetime,” said Michael Balmert, a professor of communication at Carlow.  “That’s one BILLION women and girls. We are raising awareness of this global problem, and expressing rage against injustices.”

Dancing is a powerful way to express joy and community, he said, and that, through solidarity, violence in all of its forms can be defeated.  A short video will be played to demonstrate the scope of the problem, and then the dancing will begin.  Two communication classes will spearhead this event that is open to all students, faculty, and staff on the Carlow campus.

For more information about One Billion Rising, please visit the web site:

### Editor’s Note:  The news media is welcome to cover Carlow’s One Billion Rising event.  Please contact Drew Wilson on his cell phone (412) 260-6807 to arrange free, convenient parking.

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