Carlow University Receives HRSA Grant to Encourage More Nurses to Become Educators

Carlow University has received an HRSA grant of $150,000 to provide loan forgiveness for graduate nursing students who become nurse educators.

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HRSA Grant for $150,000 Can Provide Student Loan Forgiveness of up to 85 Percent

Pittsburgh, Pa. – To combat a nationwide shortage of nurse educators, Carlow University has received a grant for $150,000 from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide student loan forgiveness for graduate nursing students who become nurse educators after graduation.

The grant, known formally as the HRSA’s Nursing Faculty Loan Forgiveness Program (NFLP) but called the HRSA NFLP Award, provides up to 85 percent of loan forgiveness over the course of four years beginning after the student graduates and assumes a teaching role.

“There is a shortage of nurse educators nationwide, and, with this award, we hope to  increase the number of qualified nursing faculty,” said Renee Ingel, PhD, associate professor and program director of Carlow’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Master’s of Science in Nursing Education and Leadership (MSN).  “This can be used by graduate nurses pursuing their doctorate or master’s in nursing education.  The point is to bring qualified people into nursing education.”

The loan is disbursed through Carlow, and nurses who qualify for the award must be enrolled at Carlow University in time for the fall semester 2018. The teaching setting can be hospital-based (clinical) or academic in nature. Students who qualify for the award will be required to participate in certain activities, such as mentorship and mandatory meetings, and will work with career services to smooth the transition to becoming a nurse educator.  

Carlow will begin a call for application in July and awards will be disbursed in August, 2018.  Interested candidates should email Dr. Ingel at

For more information about the NFLP Award, please visit the HRSA website: .

To apply to one of Carlow’s MSN programs or the DNP program, please follow these links:


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