Carlow University Launches New Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics

Carlow University’s bachelor’s degree in data analytics will fuse technical and statistical skills with ethics and communication skills.

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New Degree Crunches Data but with an Added Emphasis on Ethics, Communication

Pittsburgh, Pa. –Enrolling now for classes beginning in the fall of 2019, Carlow University will offer a bachelor of science degree in data analytics with added qualities to match what regional employers say they are looking for in their data analysts.

“In line with what employers say they are looking for from data analysts, Carlow University will join the technical and statistical skills needed in the field with an infusion of ethics and communication skills,” said Beth Zamboni, PhD, chair of the mathematics department at Carlow.

The program will use real world data that has been created and curated by corporations like Google and Microsoft about real world problems.

“Our program focuses on applied mathematics and statistics with a focus on teaching students to use the tools that they will need to interpret and thrive in the data world,” said Ericka Mochan, PhD, who will serve as program director of the data analytics major.  “We have intentionally designed this program to be interdisciplinary so that it includes not only math, stats, and analytical tools, but also philosophy, ethics, and communication skills.”

In addition to course work, students who enroll in the data analytics program will be expected to complete an internship in the field with one of the many partners that Carlow has enlisted who have a need for data analysts who communicate well.

“Many of these internship opportunities will be right in our Oakland neighborhood, as it is the hub of the Eds, Meds, and Tech region in western Pennsylvania,” said Mochan. “Internships will give them opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and enhance their resume.”

The career outlook is bright for data analysts and there are opportunities for both entry level roles and promotion to more advanced positions.

For more information, about the bachelor’s in data analytics, please call Carlow’s Admissions office at (412) 578-6059 or via email at

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