Carlow University Joins the Pittsburgh 2030 District Expansion into Oakland

Carlow University, along with 21 other property owners in Oakland, joined the Pittsburgh 2030 District expansion into Oakland, where all of the partners have committed to making their properties more environmentally friendly.
The Oakland expansion, which was formally announced at an August 28 press conference at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, gives Pittsburgh the distinction of being the first city in the nation to have two distinct urban areas working towards a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030.

Carlow is proud to join the Pittsburgh 2030 District expansion into Oakland. We, along with our neighbors, are working towards a 50% reduction in energy/water/emissions by 2030! (Image courtesy of Pittsburgh 2030 Districts)

The property partners in Oakland represent 244 properties, 62 percent of the buildings, and nearly 81 percent of the total square footage in the district.
Carlow President Suzanne K. Mellon and Patrick Cunningham, CPA, vice president of Finance and Operations, represented the University and committed its 575,466 square feet of building space. Most of Carlow’s initial efforts will focus on the University Commons Project.
“Our new University Commons project involves the complete renovation of the 82,500 square foot Grace Library; making it a center for student services and learning, in a LEED certified environment,” said Cunningham. “We are excited to commit ourselves to the Pittsburgh 2030 District’s Oakland expansion.”
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