Carlow University Consolidates Two Colleges Into College of Arts and Sciences

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Carlow University has consolidated two colleges into one to foster more meaningful and integrated collaboration across the university. The new college will be named the College of Arts and Sciences and is a consolidation of the College of Leadership and Social Change and the College of Learning and Innovation.

There will be six departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, which will combine cross-disciplinary programming within the Honors & Experiential Learning programs and the Carlow COMPASS, which is a unique and innovative general education curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, intended to serve as a navigational tool to help guide a student toward her/his academic and professional goals. The curriculum is integrated with a student’s major course of study, and emphasizes career-readiness and ethical leadership, and courses introduce, develop, and reinforce specific learning outcomes.

The six departments within the College of Arts and Sciences show a range of interdisciplinary inclusion and address the importance of liberal arts and the professions, a critical dimension of the consolidation and of our new Strategic Plan, the Carlow Commitment 2025.

The six departments are:

  • Department of Art, Communication, and English
  • Department of Education and Liberal Studies
  • Department of Analytical, Physical and Social Sciences
  • Department of Business Management, Accounting and Ethics
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Psychology, Counseling, and Criminology

The decision to consolidate the two colleges into one was a result of the work of a Presidential Task Force, led by Joseph Roberts, PhD, chair of the Counseling Psychology Doctorate Program, and Keely Baronak, EdD, chair of Education, and was comprised of Beth Zamboni, PhD, chair of Mathematics and Data Analytics; Jennifer Snyder-Duch, PhD, chair of Communication; Jack Alverson, PhD, chair of the Humanities; Sandi DiMola, JD, chair of Political Science; Sigrid King, PhD, English Professor; Susan Rubisch-Gisler, PhD, MEd, chair of Business Management; Janice Nash, DNP, BSN Program Director; and Deans Matthew Gordley, PhD, Stephanie Wilsey, PhD, and Provost Sibdas Ghosh, PhD.


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