Carlow University Chemistry Professor Earns Award for Encouraging Women into Chemical Sciences

Carlow University chemistry professor Monique Hockman, PhD, is honored by the Women Chemists Committee for encouraging women into the chemical sciences.

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Greater Pittsburgh Women Chemists Committee Honors Monique Hockman, PhD,

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Carlow University chemistry professor Monique Hockman, PhD, has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the Greater Pittsburgh Women Chemists Committee’s (WCC) award for “Encouraging Women into the Chemical Sciences.”

“This award recognizes significant accomplishments by individuals who have stimulated or fostered the interest of women in chemistry, promoting their professional developments as chemists or chemical engineers,” said Michelle M. Ward, PhD, the chair of the Greater Pittsburgh Area WCC.

Hockman, who earned her bachelor’s degree and doctorate in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, is trained as a physical/analytical chemist whose research involved examining the solid/liquid interface in an attempt to understand how to prevent corrosion in semiconductors exposed to both air and/or liquids when exposed to light.

At Carlow, she has more recently been researching different methods of teaching chemistry, including a brand new course this semester in molecular gastronomy.

“A lot of students think a chemistry degree is only useful if you want to work in a lab or teach,” said Hockman.  “They don’t think about all of the other places that they can apply their degree, like, for example, in the food industry.”

She is also actively involved in the development and implementation of Reusable Learning Modules (RLM) which contain reusable learning objects (RLOs) such as videos of example problems, videos of demonstrations, and narrated power points along with built in assessment for all the topics covered in General Chemistry I and II.  Students can access these materials remotely or in the STEM Digital Learning Lab at Carlow.

Hockman will be presented with her award at the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh/American Chemical Society Awards Banquet in May.


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