Carlow study participants choose to snooze, for their health

Carlow participants are featured in a documentary about a sleep study.

On March 17th, WQED aired Bedtime Story, a special program exploring the ties between sleep and the health of young people. Mary Fran Reidell, the director of health services, was interviewed for the documentary, along with Carlow’s Kristy Giandomenico ’16 and Victoria Hannan ’16, who were among 100 students who participated in a sleep study at the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Lab. 

Through the study, participants gained a better appreciation of their need for sleep, with 89 percent of participants making a positive change in their sleeping habits as a result. 

Reidell ties the importance of the sleep study to Healthy Campus 2020, a national initiative to improve the health of college students. Reidell said a campus survey found lack of sleep the second most common impediment to academic performance, after stress, among Carlow students.  

Learn more about the sleep study and its finding by viewing Bedtime Story. Watch it on the WQED website.

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