Carlow University to Screen First Film About George Floyd’s Death

Contact: Sean McFarland, MA
Public Relations & Communications Manager
Phone: 412-260-6807

Movie Screening Tuesday, April 26, Explores Racism, Corruption Inside Jail Where Convicted Killer Derek Chauvin is Being Held

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh’s first screening of “When George Got Murdered” shares the impetus for reflection and the resounding push for the change that George Floyd’s death had across the nation and the world. The new film, which is the first to be released on the volatile subject of George Floyd’s death, is directed and produced by Terrance Tyfkeem, the founder of Diamond Mine Media Group. Mr. Tykeem is known for socially conscious films like “Jason’s Letter,” which aired recently on STARZ.

“Social justice is in the DNA of Carlow since our founding by the Sisters of Mercy nearly 95 years ago,” said Ryan Scott, EdD, director of Carlow University’s Social Justice Institutes. “We believe in the power of conversation around social justice, and injustices, in a respectful and constructive manner, which we hope this film screening will evoke among all of us who care deeply about progress for Pittsburgh.”

Though “When George Got Murdered,” filmmaker Terrence Tykeem attempts to answer questions like what happens when the sentence is handed down? What happens when the media circus goes away? What happens when we are forced to examine what justice really means?

The film’s cast stars some noted actors, including former talk show host Montel Williams, rapper Beanie Sigel, Robert Wuhl of HBO’s “Arliss,” Robert Ri’chard, known for his role in “Coach Carter” and Don Most, known as Ralph Malph in the classic television show “Happy Days.”

“Like most horrific events that occur in life, you never forget where you were in that moment and the film takes a deep dive into exploring where we all were when we heard about Floyd getting killed in such a terrible way,” said Tykeem. “As a filmmaker, I wanted to help tell the story, but come from a different approach, and found it after seeing a news story about how guards of color were being prevented from working the block where Chauvin was being kept,” said Tykeem in a press release from Diamond Mine Media Group. “The whole thing was a vivid and eye-opening reminder to the world of the unfair treatment and abuse of authority by law enforcement and the criminal justice system currently in place, as it relates to people of color, the poor and disenfranchised.”

Join the Carlow University’s Social Justice Institutes for a live screening of the film and a talkback with the cast and crew including Terrance Tykeem, Montel Williams, Don Most, Robert Ri’chard, and Claudia Jordan. The screening will be moderated by Social Justice Institutes executive director, Ryan Scott, EdD.

The screening of “When George Got Murdered” runs for 65 minutes and will be held on Tuesday, April 26 from 6 to 9 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. at The Gailliot Center at Carlow University, located on the fifth floor of University Commons, located at 3333 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. General admission tickets are $10 and $5 for students.

Due to seating capacity, registration in advance is required by April 24:

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