Nestled in the middle of Carlow’s campus is the The Campus School, an independent, Catholic, laboratory school unique in the Pittsburgh region. Housing grades preschool through grade 8, The Campus School serves as a laboratory school and maintains a special relationship with the Education Department.

Campus School faculty are often lead or co-teachers of Education method courses. Students studying early childhood and middle level education complete extensive field and practicum experiences at The Campus School and experience hands-on work in a variety of pedagogical methods. With two Montessori kindergarten classrooms, teachers host Carlow Education students in special workshops to study Montessori methods. The Campus Schools joins Carlow’s Education Department as a member of the CREATE Lab satellite network. Click here to visit the Campus School's website (link will open in a new window).

Pictured are Carlow University students in Early Childhood administering reading screening assessments to 1st grade students at The Campus School, students in Early Childhood presenting physical science lessons to 2nd grade students and one of our graduate students exploring Montessori materials in The Campus School after an evening workshop. 

an early childhood education administers a reading screening assessment

an early childhood education student delivers a reading assessment to a first grader

An Early Childhood Education instructor delivers a reading assessment

A student in the early childhood education program