Biology Coursework

Carlow’s innovative biology curriculum covers the entire scope of the biological sciences from the structure and function of genes, proteins, and cells to the ecology and evolution of organisms. The senior capstone experience includes a research project that may lead to publication—a critical qualification for graduate school—or the opportunity to complete a professional internship.

The biology curriculum at Carlow University enables you to prepare for the variety of careers available in today’s biological sciences. It gives you a solid foundation across the entire breadth of biology, while affording students ample opportunities to delve deeply into your chosen specialties in order to prepare for successful careers in one of biology’s many fields.

Biology majors at Carlow University frequently enroll into the MS in Cardiovascular Perfusion program. 

Bachelors of Science in Biology Course Information

Course Requirements: 120 credits
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Locations: Main Oakland Campus


BIO-110 : Foundations of Organismal Biology

A first course in the biology curriculum that introduces students to the unity of life in both animals and plants. Students will learn that although the life forms of our planet may vary in evolutionary history, they share the same basic principles of form and function. The course will cover the anatomical structures and physiological systems that maintain animal and plant life. Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week.

BIO-120 : Foundations in Molecular Cell Biology

A second course in the biology curriculum that introduces students to molecular and cellular theory, including the structure and function of cells at the microscopic and sub-cellular levels. Students will also examine the concepts of energy metabolism, biochemistry and biosynthesis of macromolecules, and the genetic level of organization. Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week.

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