A message from Dr. Suzanne Mellon, President of Carlow University, regarding the Events at the Tree of Life Synagogue

UPDATE October 29th: It is with great sorrow that I extend my sincere condolences to our friends and neighbors in the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, and to all who have been devastated by this tragedy. As the worst anti-Semitic crime in American history, the massacre at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday morning leaves us stunned, frightened, and appalled in its cruelty. This was an attack on people of goodwill gathered to practice their faith. It strikes at the very heart and soul of our God-given birthright to worship freely and is an assault on the freedoms promised by our constitution.

We are grateful for the heroic actions taken by the first responders and other law enforcement agencies on the scene who undoubtedly stemmed the loss of life through their courage. For those who were injured, we pray for their speedy recovery and thank them. And in the wake of this tragedy, the countless law enforcement and medical personnel, who are now dedicating themselves to the work ahead, we are grateful.

As a Catholic University, our values emphasize mercy and compassion and provide the bedrock that will support us as we recover from this event. Hate will not prevail; love for one another will be the light that leads us through this darkness.

I invite everyone to join me on Wednesday, October 31st, at 12:30 p.m. in Gailliot Center, on the fifth floor of the University Commons, to pray for healing for the victims, their families and friends, the Jewish community, and the broader community of Pittsburgh. Coming together will provide time for us to support and console another. The living example of our Carlow community, which honors and embraces people of all faiths and backgrounds, demonstrates that our differences are indeed a gift. Let us use this time to reflect on this blessing.


Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD
Carlow University

Original Statement: The Carlow University community is deeply saddened by the tragic, senseless loss of life that occurred as a result of such hateful violence at Tree of Life Synagogue. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and all those who are currently fighting for their lives. We fully support the Pittsburgh Police, law enforcement, and the entire Squirrel Hill community. May God be with us all during this terribly tragic and extremely difficult time.

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