Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Post-Master's Nursing Certificate, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP)

Advance your nursing career in a specialty area that speaks to your passions.

By pursuing this post-master's certificate at Carlow University, you can position yourself as a specialized nursing leader in a variety of health care settings, such as home health agencies, physician's offices, health maintenance organizations, family health centers, and clinics in both urban and medically underserved rural communities. Graduates from this program are eligible to be certified as nurse practitioners in family/individual across the lifespan.

Set yourself apart as a uniquely qualified advanced practice nurse specializing in women's health and open the door to the next stage of your career. Request more information today.

Program Highlights

  • Graduates can be certified as nurse practitioners in family/individual across lifespan. 
  • The total number of credits is 37. 
  • Clinical hours total 600 and take place in a wide variety of urban and rural health care agencies.
  • program can be completed at the Main Oakland Campus, Greensburg or Cranberry

Program Requirements

To enter this program, you will need to successfully complete the core Women's Health Nurse Practitioner MSN courses, which are NU703, NU705, NU712, NU725, and NU737. Once entering the program, you will complete a total of 37 course credits as well as 600 clinical hours. These clinical hours will take place in a wide variety of urban and rural health care agencies. View the plan of study for an outline of WHNP courses offered by semester.

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Notable Courses

NU720 Health Risks in Communities

This graduate-level course deals with health risks in communities. High-risk populations, aggregates, and communities comprise the focus for investigation. Risk appraisal methods and evidence-based strategies to identify and prevent health risks in individuals and communities are examined. Trends and current issues related to health risks are explored.

NU757 Advanced Practice Nursing in Women's Health Theory III

This third women's health course focuses on complex issues in gynecologic care of women. Students will be provided the opportunity to synthesize and integrate research, theories, concepts, and advanced skills into a framework for advanced nursing practice in women's health care, applying physiologic, developmental, psychosocial, and cultural factors to diverse populations, from adolescence to senescence. Analysis is used to evaluate contemporary trends and issues, as well as policies that have an impact on the delivery of health care to women.

NU792 Integration of Advanced Practice Nursing Role

This course is a master's capstone course in which students will integrate the knowledge gained throughout the program into the practice setting. This course will focus on advanced practice role integration and legal and financial issues related to advanced practice nursing, management of care, and special issues in the community. Students will practice the designated number of hours in the community with an advanced practice nurse or physician preceptor. Students will design and implement a health promotion/education scholarly project designed to meet an identified need within the community.

This is just a small sample of the variety of classes you'll be taking. For more details about these classes, and more, please visit the Course Catalog section of our website or request more information to hear from an Admissions Counselor. Also available is our gainful employment disclosure for this certificate.

The Plan of Study is available here