Veterans Benefits

Carlow University serves those who have served. Thank you for your service to our country.  

According to the latest economic data about higher ed institutions in the Eds-Meds-Tech area of Pittsburgh, Carlow University is unquestionably the most affordable option. This is especially true for veterans with access to additional funds from the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon program.

Put simply, a qualifying veteran’s education at Carlow can cost as little out-of-pocket money as $500 per semester. Get in touch with our admissions department to find out how much you can save on a great education at Carlow. 

The offices of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Admissions, and the Registrar work together to assist veterans and their families.

Helpful links for veterans:

Our Military Connection and the Sisters of Mercy

Carlow University and the Sisters of Mercy have a longstanding tradition of supporting students who are serving or have served their country, as well as their families. The Sisters of Mercy have a history of providing nursing care to servicemen and women during major military conflicts; in fact, it was the Sisters of Mercy who opened their doors to the men returning home from World War II, permitting them to take classes at Mount Mercy College utilizing their GI Bill benefits. During the Civil War, Fort Zug was constructed behind the Fifth Avenue entrance to what is now Carlow University.