Critical Point

The Critical Point Magazine

The Critical Point, Carlow University's Undergraduate Literary and Arts Journal, has been publishing stellar student work for 25 years. We are proud to be a part of this tradition that originally began as a faculty run publication. The Critical Point was originally called The Freshman Reader. However, after a contest and careful consideration, The Critical Point was renamed and chosen to feature the work of Carlow’s students. After many years of typewritten and stapled editions, The Critical Point has come a long way. It is an entirely student-run publication. Student editors make the decisions about what makes it in to the journal and work on the layout. Many students choose to take it for internship credit in the Spring semester.

If you are a Carlow student and are interested in working on the journal or if you would like to purchase the current issue or past issues of The Critical Point, please contact Dr. Anne Rashid, the faculty advisor, at