Study Abroad Programs


Carlow students have three options available to study abroad as an undergraduate. These options include:

Carlow-Created Programs

Carlow programs have been created specifically with Carlow students in mind. If you are a Carlow student, credits are pre-approved, and you will most likely travel abroad with fellow Carlow students. For some of the programs, you can even use your Carlow institutional aid to help finance your study abroad!

There are several Carlow programs in which non-Carlow students are more than welcome to participate.

University-Sponsored and 3rd-Party Provider Programs

University-sponsored programs are study abroad programs run by other universities. In this case, 80-90% of the students participating in the program may be from the specific university and 10-20% of the travelling students are from other institutions, such as Carlow. University-sponsored programs are a good option if you are seeking a structured program and travel to a country that Carlow currently doesn’t offer. By going abroad through an accredited American university, your credits will transfer very easily from the sponsor school to Carlow. You cannot use your Carlow aid with these programs; however, you may use government aid or loans to help finance this option.

Third-party providers are companies or organizations that offer hundreds of programs for American and international students from which to choose. Third-party providers are a good option if you want to complete specific coursework (i.e. art-focused or foreign language-intensive). They are also a good option if you are looking for a destination that is not offered through Carlow (i.e. Africa, Asia, Australia, and European countries other than Italy and Ireland). Third-party providers generally offer well-structured programs, and the options are seemingly endless!

When you use a third-party provider, you do not pay Carlow for the term you are abroad. Instead, you pay the provider directly. Similar to university-sponsored programs, you cannot use your Carlow aid with these programs, but you can use government aid or loans to help finance this option. Third-party providers may also offer their own grants and scholarships.