Study Abroad: Alumni

As study abroad participant, you have acquired new and indispensable skills. Although your travels may be over for now, it is important to foster these skills and reconnect with your international experience. The Center for Global Learning is here to support your post-study abroad needs, including the following:

  • Incorporating your study abroad into your career planning
    • Learn how to highlight study abroad experience into resumes and interviews, including for jobs right here in Pittsburgh.
    • Interested in working overseas in your field? Discover how to format your resume for an international employer and apply for international jobs from the US.
  • Going abroad again
  •  Explore careers in international education
    • Gain exposure to the behind-the-scenes work of study abroad by working in the Center for Global Learning for a semester.
    • Discover resources for learning about international education degree programs and breaking into the field.
    • Network with international educators at events and conferences such as the Lessons from Abroad Three Rivers Returnee Conference: