"Carlow's FNP program gave me the freedom to choose my own clinical instructors. This independence enabled me to develop my NP skills with those providers that I admired most and helped to mold me into the NP that I am today. The small class sizes allowed for my instructors and peers to share their personal experiences, bolstering the course material. At Carlow, I was able to build on my nursing background to further develop my assessment skills and apply the nursing process at an advanced level, allowing me to progress into a proficient health care practitioner." - Sherri Kwence (FNP-MSN)

"What I did not expect was how the focus of my internship project would positively affect all areas of my life, personally and professionally. Working in an Integrative Medicine Department with various complimentary therapies exposed me to a truly nurturing and healing way to practice nursing. Experiencing the positive effects firsthand has the potential to affect the future delivery of quality patient care." - Tracey Kleinmeyer (NCEL-MSN)

"Carlow has given me the confidence to believe I can do anything. The leadership skills I have gained from my educational experience have provided me with growth opportunities in my field. The professors are supportive, caring and passionate about teaching. I would truly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a flexible educational setting that allows them to excel in their job and in everyday life."  - Becki Kelton (MSN Education and Leadership)