James Kelly, Social Work
Dr. James Kelly, Professor and Director of Field Education in the Department of Social Work, is a founder and co-facilitator of the Carlow University Grace Ann Geibel Institute for Justice and Social Responsibility 

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) with a concentration in Behavioral Health Service Coordination focuses on addressing client needs, service planning, accessing services, monitoring service delivery, resolving problems, and network building. This concentration provides you with competency-based, recovery-centered education enabling you to work effectively with clients and the mental health community by fostering trust and support for recovery.

Social Work with Behavioral Health Service Coordination Specialization

Degree: Bachelor of Social Work
Locations: Main Oakland Campus


SW 214: Behavior & Social Environment

An introduction to theories of human behavior related to how personality, environment, and culture interact with one another to shape the individual. The life cycle of individuals is reviewed in the context of families, groups, and larger social systems including the cultural, social, and physical environment. This knowledge is useful to social workers and other practitioners in dealing with problem situations, whether created by individuals or by environmental factors.

SW 270: Cultural Awareness & Hunan Services

An introduction to practical social service process stage approach to ethnic and cultural groups. Given our culturally diverse society, intervention practice approaches have universal application to service specific populations. Drawing on cultures as holistic designs for living, insights and strategies for addressing human needs and concerns from a culturally sensitive perspective will be covered.

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