an emergency reporting pole on campus

The Police Department is charged with the responsibility for the security and safety of the campus. The Department consists of a Police Chief, eight (8) full-time police officers, and five (5) emergency dispatchers. 

The Police Department is responsible for:
  • locating individuals in an extreme emergency
  • patrolling the campus, including the residence halls
  • locking and unlocking doors
  • enforcing parking regulations
  • inspecting buildings and grounds for fire and safety hazards
  • conducting fire drills
  • enforcing university policies, to include a strict policy prohibiting anyone other than sworn police officers from carrying or storing any weapons or aggressive equipment of any kind
  • enforcing traffic violations
  • addressing any problems that may affect the well-being of the campus community
  • crisis response¬†
  • The Police Department has nine (9) full-time sworn police officers certified under Pennsylvania Municipal Police Act #120, state certification, which is the basic recruit requirement to become a certified police officer in the State of Pennsylvania under the Municipal Police Officers Education and training Commission. The police officers are trained in CPR/First Aid and are also First Responders.

The Police Department personnel can be reached 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The dispatch non-emergency extension is 412.578.6005. Police can also be reached by picking up one of the 18 emergency call box phones located throughout the campus. The emergency call box phones are identified by their blue lights. Dialing is not necessary as the telephone connects directly to the Dispatch Center. The officers are dispatched by the university emergency dispatchers who have constant radio contact with the on-duty officers via portable radios.

The Carlow University Police Department investigates all complaints. The University of Pittsburgh Police Department and the City of Pittsburgh Police Department assist Carlow University police officers as needed with investigations and/or emergencies.

Reports are made on all incidents that are handled by the campus police department. The campus crime statistics are submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police and comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), the campus crime statistics are public information, and are available for review.