2018 Spaces and Places

Police Dispatch Office

A)  The feed from every security camera on campus is located on the four monitors in front of the dispatch officer.

B)  A microphone allows for communication with every Carlow police officer.

C)  Faculty and staff directory printouts are mounted for handy reference.

D)  Reference books and binders are often consulted for key information required at a moment’s notice.



Carlow's police department has 10 full-time personnel, which include one chief, two sergeants, and a team of officers, who ensure the protection of the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The police dispatch office on the second floor of Frances Warde Hall is staffed round-the-clock and serves as a kind of welcome center to visitors, as officers issue parking passes, answer questions from students or visitors, and provide directions to other locations on campus.