Student Recreational Clubs at Carlow University. A student rehearses her monologue alone on a stage.

Carlow University Theatre Group

The Carlow University Theatre Group is the production and performing theatre ensemble comprised of the students, guest artists, faculty, and staff of Carlow University. Carlow University Theatre Group (CUTG) typically produces fours shows a year in the Antonian Theatre of Carlow University.

Carlow University Theatre Dance Division

A student-run sector of the Theatre Department which aims to teach and explore a variety of dance styles to all who are interested. Those with extensive dance backgrounds as well as those who have no dance experience are welcome to participate.

Commuter Student Association

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) organization encompasses all Carlow University students that must travel to school, whether it is by driving, busing, walking, or biking. This association is the second largest on Carlow's campus and involves the welfare of every commuter. As a commuter, you are a member of this association. We encourage you to become an active participant! Get involved today by emailing

Student Athlete Association

The Student Athlete Association is an organization that unites the Carlow community and athletes together through numerous exciting campus events. Get in contact with us if you're a student athlete: