Public Transportation. A bus stops near Carlow University Campus.


Carlow University is located in a section of Pittsburgh that is extremely well served by local public transit. The Port Authority provides bus service throughout Allegheny County, including Oakland and Pittsburgh—with numerous bus routes on Fifth Avenue along the southern edge of Carlow's campus. There is a bus stop at the eastern edge of campus at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Chesterfield Road and another stop directly in front of A.J. Palumbo Hall of Science and Technology near Parking Lot A and the corner of Fifth Avenue and Craft Avenue. If you are taking a bus to campus please access the Port Authority website or use Google Transit to plan your trip. In addition, numerous routes can take you to shopping centers, downtown, and beyond.


Need a car to get where you want to go? Use the Zipcar car sharing program to rent the car on Carlow University's campus, located on the driveway in front of Frances Warde Hall.