Hopkins Communication Lab at Carlow University

As a PsyD student, you will have access to a wide range of resources in support of enhancing the clinical training experience. The campus is well equipped with regard to technology and the doctoral program has discipline-specific material to augment student learning in the practice of psychology.

Training Materials and Equipment:

Video and audio-recording equipment in the Hopkins Communications Lab is available for use by doctoral students. Each room is equipped with a computer and camera to allow for digital recording and playback of practice counseling sessions. During normal working hours, the lab is staffed by a communications specialist who coordinates the lab's service and provides support and instruction as necessary to students using the lab. In support of training in psychological assessment, students have access to over 60 different personality, achievement, and intellectual instruments, many of which include multiple copies to ensure availability. 

The main campus library collection is housed on three floors of the newly updated University Commons building in the heart of campus. Space is available for both quiet study and group meetings. Reference Librarians are available during most library hours to offer the students one-on-one reference assistance.

Physical Facilities:

While the program has access to the physical facilities of the University across campus, the Counseling Psychology program is housed in Antonian Hall. Antonian Hall is adequately equipped with smart-classrooms and wireless internet access. The program itself is on the fifth floor where faculty offices are in close proximity to student work space and the student lounge, which allows for regular interactions among those in the program community. The student work space is equipped with three computers and access to a copier and fax machine, as well as a microwave and a refrigerator.

Access to Practicum Sites: 

The program has established relationships with a significant number of agencies in the greater Pittsburgh area. These training sites are varied with regard to population served and services provided, thereby affording students access to rich clinical experiences. Examples of training sites include: hospitals, college counseling centers, community and rural mental health practices, and specialty sites focusing on forensic and neuropsychological practice.

Technological Support:

The information technology department provides a broad range of technology services for all members of the Carlow community. Information technology staff is available for student, staff and faculty support and free, non-credit computer courses for all members of the community are offered regularly. There are 10 student computer labs located across campus, and most classrooms are classified as "smart classrooms."