• Major:

    Professional Counseling


    Master of Science


    Main Oakland Campus
    M.S. in Professional Counseling


    The Adult/Generalist track is for those students interested in working with adult clients across a variety of settings and for those students who are uncertain as to which area of mental health they would like to devote their training.

    This track allows you the ultimate flexibility in designing your personal curriculum. This track allows you to enroll in a greater number of electives and permits you to gain knowledge and skills in a wide array of client populations and specialization areas.

    Elective Courses:

    • PRC 718 Advanced Counseling Skills 
    • PRC 720 Psychology of Deviance
    • PRC 721 Cognitive Therapy: Theory & Practice
    • PRC 727 Therapy & the Expressive Arts
    • PRC 731 Contemporary Topics in Cognitive Psychology
    • PRC 736 Trauma Informed Counseling


    The Child & Family track is for those students interested in working with children, adolescents, and their families in settings outside of the school environment.

    This track allows you to specialize in child-based interventions and gain advanced knowledge in such topics as spectrum disorders, child abuse, and the impact of the family on child functioning.

    Track-Specific Courses:

    • PRC 715 Advanced Child Assessment & Diagnosis
    • PRC 725 Interventions with Children
    • PRC 728 Applied Behavioral Analysis 

    Plus three open electives


    This track is for those students interested in working with adults and children who have suffered both chronic and acute traumatic events throughout various points in the lifespan. Students receive training in crisis management, trauma assessment, and interventions to support this population.

    Track-Specific Courses:

    • PRC 719 Crisis Intervention
    • PRC 736 Introduction to Trauma-Informed Counseling
    • PRC 746 Special Populations, Advocacy, & Trauma
    • PRC 747 Trauma Assessment & Intervention


     The Addictions track is for those interested in working with adults and adolescents in the field of drug and alcohol addiction in both mental health and correctional settings. This track allows you to become both a licensed professional counselor and obtain the 180 hours of required coursework specific to addiction necessary to become certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC).

    Track-Specific Courses:

    • PRC 738 Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling
    • PRC 739 Substance Abuse Counseling Theories and Interventions
    • PRC 741 The Biological Bases of Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction
    • PRC 743 Co-Occurring Disorders: Counseling Clients with Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders
    Plus two additional electives