Professional Counseling Certificate

The Certificate in Professional Counseling program is designed to meet the academic and internship requirements for applicants who currently hold a master's degree in counseling or a closely related field of less than 48 graduate credits that was earned prior to June 20, 2009 and who want to pursue licensure as a professional counselor. The certificate program will require at least one 3-credit graduate-level course in each of the following content areas (note that these content areas correspond to the course work required for licensure as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania): 

  • Lifespan Development (3 credits)
  • Social and Cultural Foundations (3 credits)
  • Counseling Theory and Techniques (3-6 credits)
  • Ethics and Professional Orientation (3 credits)
  • Career and Lifestyle Counseling (3 credits)
  • Research Methods and Program Evaluation (3 credits)
  • Group Counseling (3 credits)
  • Psychological Assessment or Appraisal (3 credits)
  • 100 hours Practicum with Seminar (3 credits)
  • 600 hours of Internship with Seminar (6 credits)

Applicants who have already completed course work in any of the above content areas may, at the discretion of the department, have that previous course work accepted as a part of the required certificate program of study.

Certificate students will need to complete a minimum of 18 graduate credits at Carlow in order to be eligible for the Certificate in Professional Counseling. Students who are able to transfer previously earned credits may take additional elective courses in professional counseling at Carlow University to earn the 60 credits (i.e., the student's master's degree plus the additional courses taken at Carlow) needed to qualify for licensure as a professional counselor. Students admitted to this certificate program may be eligible for financial aid.