Study Abroad: Prior to and While Abroad

In keeping with our mission, Carlow University and the Center for Global Learning strive to promote global awareness and understanding as a key component of students’ academic and professional goals. As a result, studying abroad is encouraged and fostered. The experience, however, does not just stop at studying abroad. We wish for our students to gain the most out of the experience which requires reflecting and discussing the experiences both while abroad and once returned and studying at Carlow.

Studying abroad is a unique privilege. As such, during and after your study abroad, you will be expected to complete the following:

  • Blog or Instagram: Documenting your study abroad experience is something you will appreciate for years to come. In addition, the Carlow community is very interested in learning about your experience during and after your time abroad.
  • Photos: Your photos are a powerful tool to encourage fellow Carlow students to consider studying abroad. The Center for Global Learning can always use photos of you abroad, famous landscapes and tourist sites, and just about anything else that captures your study abroad experience.
  • Marketing: The Center for Global regularly hosts events and programs with a global or country-specific focus, and your participation in at least one event is required. You will be encouraged to share your stories, photos, and what you learned both inside and outside the classroom while abroad.