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Political Science Minor

18 credits

The political science minor may appeal to you if you are interested in government relations, advocacy, journalism, intelligence, international relations, and lobbying. The minor requires POL 101 and five political science electives; 12 credits must be completed at Carlow. You must earn a C or better in any course used to fulfill a minor requirement.

Public Policy MinorĀ 

18 credits

The public policy minor helps students to understand the political constraints faced by policy makers, how to critically evaluate the effectiveness of policies, and how to measure the performance of alternative approaches to policy implementation. If you are interested in policy-making, government relations, advocacy, and becoming a directional change agent, this minor may be for you.

You must complete POL 101, POL 287, plus an additional 12 credits in public policy selected with the program advisor. All major and support courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C; 12 credits must be completed while in residence at Carlow.

Pre-Law Minor

18 credits

The pre-law minor is open to students in any major and is designed to provide a structured program of studies in preparation for graduate or professional education or employment in law and law-related fields. The pre-law minor extends the liberal arts foundations by developing and enhancing the analytical reasoning, critical reading, and effective communication skills that are required for success in graduate and professional study of law and in legal careers. The selection of required and elective courses is based on recommendations established by the Association of American Law Schools.

The pre-law minor requires the completion of 18 credits, including three required courses: PH 204 (Logic); POL 265 (Constitutional Law I: U.S. Government Powers under the Constitution); CM 410 (Persuasion) or EN 244 or EN 348 (Corporate Writing or Strategic Plans); and three electives.

For more information on the required and elective courses for each minor, please visit our Course Catalog.