PE 103 Team Sports Education

Instruction in the basic skills of volleyball and basketball, a supervised opportunity to participate in the team play of these sports. A course designed to challenge both physical and intellectual levels. 1 credit

PE 104 Aerobics

Beginning level of aerobic activity and exercise, emphasizing cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Prior experience is not required. 1 credit

PE 120 Fitness and Weight Control

Understanding of the important correlation between exercise and nutritious eating as it affects body weight. Emphasis will be placed on low-impact exercise, charting food intake, and the achievement of weight loss, gain or maintenance of goals. 1 credit

PE 121 Aquatic Fitness

The student develops improved muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance while learning various water exercise techniques. Aqua aerobics, water walking, use of aquatic exercise equipment, and choreography are studied. 1 credit

PE 123 Walking for Wellness

Improving health doesn’t necessarily mean high intensity exercise. Discover the health benefits of a walking program. Learn how to improve your fitness levels and total wellbeing. All levels of fitness are encouraged to participate. 1 credit

PE 125 Healthy Lifestyles

Introduction to the concept of wellness, consisting of three major components: nutrition: assessing dietary habits, caloric needs, and goal-setting techniques for healthy eating; fi tness: defi ning components of fitness, and exploring options in fitness programming; and stress management: learning techniques for dealing positively with stress. Objective of the course is to teach students that they are responsible for their total well being. 1 credit

PE 130 Beginning Aikido

Aikido, which means “the way of harmony with the universe,” is a total discipline for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The ultimate goal, however, is to achieve a calm, confident, and unified state of mind. Aikido teaches that you are never to be in direct conflct with an opposing force or to meet strength with strength. 1 credit

PE 135 Beginning Self-Defense and Martial Arts

Introduction to the basics of self-defense and the fundamental kicking, blocking, and punching techniques of the martial arts. Also included are escape techniques and how to deal with street confrontation. 1 credit

PE 136 Street Defense Training

Learn how to develop your own personal self defense system in order to handle yourself in any situation, based on your physical structure and technical preferences. Students will learn realistic scenarios with both single and multiple opponent applications. 1 credit

PE 137 Self-Defense for Women

Introduction to the basic fundamental kicking, blocking, and punching techniques of self defense designed specifi cally for women. Volunteer simulation exercises conclude the course. 1 credit

PE 140 Weight Training

Introduction to proper techniques for lifting weights to increase strength, fl exibility and endurance. Progress in the course will be self-paced. 1 credit

PE 200 Varsity Sports

College credit for student athletes participating in the varsity sports of basketball, crew, cross-country, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Students must register for this course with approval from the Director of Athletics. Students must try out for the team and meet all requirements for team participation as determined by the head coach. 1 credit

PE 221 Advanced Aquatic Fitness

Advanced workout for those who have completed PE 121 Aquatic Fitness. 1 credit

PE 235 Self-Defense II

Continued development of the skills acquired in the Introduction to Self-Defense course, seeking to foster greater awareness of one’s potential in lieu of street confrontation. Class meets for one hour per week. 1 credit

PE 240 Advanced Weight Training

Advanced skills and techniques in weight training and conditioning. Class consists of weight training through use of free weights and equipment. A portion of each class includes cardiovascular exercise. Progress in the course will be self-paced. 1 credit