An engraving by W. Ridgway (published in 1878) after Daniel Huntington's 1868 painting Philosophy and Christian Art

As a philosophy minor, you will have the joy of examining and asking the largest and most important of the human questions concerning life and the nature of the universe in which we find ourselves. With its emphasis on a critical study of past and present systems of philosophic thought, many of the goals and purposes of the Carlow philosophy minor can be clearly found in the mission statement of the University.

As a minor, philosophy provides a strong humanities background for students whose primary major – perhaps biology or business management – may not provide this opportunity. Additionally, philosophy is a superb complement to majors such as psychology or education. With its emphasis on language skills, critical thinking, and abstract reasoning, philosophy is a minor with numerous practical applications. Students who choose Liberal Studies as a major will find the philosophy minor to be an exciting complement to their other minors.

A philosophy minor can be obtained by completing at least 15 credits (five courses) in the field of philosophy. Philosophy minors should meet with the members of the Philosophy department about which courses would be most appropriate for their degree. You can contact the Chair of the department using the information below.