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Ongoing: Carlow Roundtable

Every other year, Carlow University sponsors the Carlow Roundtable in Ireland. This event is a dialog on teaching in Mercy mission-centered institutions and the role of Catholic Social Teaching. Although each Mercy institution has its own culture, every institution shares the same heritage. Inspired by that common Mercy heritage, we draw from our knowledge and experience to explore how our heritage and Catholic Social Teaching influences how and what we teach in these institutions of higher learning.

2012: The Irish in America

In March, 2012, Dr. Peter Gilmore spoke on the dynamic, ongoing impact of the mass migration of Irish on the economic, political and cultural development of the United States, where 45 million people today claim some ancestral connection to Ireland.

The movement of millions from a small island nation in the North Atlantic to colonies and a new nation in North America represents a significant example of transnational migration in the modern world. This is simultaneously a dramatic and (for some) highly personal story of loss, leaving, labor, and conflicted memory; it is also a set of case studies which illuminate power relationships, the rise of empires and the development of a global economic system. Similarly, the construction of an Irish diasporic community in the United States is suggestive of the historic and ongoing formation of diasporas as a consequence of population movement.

Dr. Peter Gilmore received a PhD in social and cultural history from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009, following completion of a study on Irish Presbyterians in western Pennsylvania, 1780-1830, and their attempts to recreate an ethno religious culture in the context of backcountry political transformation and market revolution.

2011: Irish Economist Paul Hederman

Mr. Paul Hederman discussed the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger, the impact on social services, and the parallels for the Pittsburgh economy at a lecture that launched the Graduate School Colloquium on April 5, 2011. Paul Hederman, an expert on economics and social policy in Ireland, received his BA in economics and sociology and his MA in economics from University College Cork. He taught courses in economics and social policies at the National College of Ireland for eight years and also served as the college's Director of Continuing and Professional Studies.

In addition, Hederman has worked for various government agencies and initiatives, including the Strategic Innovation Fund, National Institute for Transport and Logistics, Irish Fisheries Board, and Irish Trade Board (now Enterprise Ireland).

2010: Fil Campbell, Irish Singer-Songwriter

Fil Campbell appeared in concert at Carlow in September 2010. She grew up in Belleek in Co. Fermanagh in the North of Ireland. She was brought up on the folk songs that we are popular in Fermanagh and Donegal and spent her childhood immersed in music.

Fil returned to her roots for her most recent CD, Songbirds, which is the basis for her current touring show, the Irish Songbirds. A collection of charming Irish folk songs that formed the musical backdrop to Ireland of the 30s, 40s and 50s, Songbirds accompanies a TV show and DVD of the same name, which profiles the women singers of that period. Fil both performs and presents this documentary series which is already being seen as a valuable contribution to Irish traditional music archives.

2010: Irish Christmas in America

This family-friendly performance featured Irish ballads and holiday carols, lively fiddle tunes and thrilling Irish dancing. Narration brought to life ancient customs and stories, while evocative photographic images provide a backdrop of rich historical context. A memorable glimpse into the enchanting spirit of Christmas, some of Ireland’s finest traditional artists took us through a distinctively Irish journey during the holiday season of 2010.