Presidents Council on Diversity and Inclusion


The Mission of the President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PCOD&I) is to promote collaboration and partnership by bringing together all facets of the student, faculty, and staff experience to achieve the diversity and inclusion goals and objectives for Carlow University. The PCOD&I will advise the President regarding diversity issues and serve all populations of the University community by recommending, monitoring and measuring the outcomes that will help achieve the objectives as outlined in the University’s strategic plan.

Diversity and Inclusion 

In keeping with our core value of the Sacredness of Creation, Carlow University rededicates itself to the creation and nurture of an inclusive, welcoming, diverse campus community. Living the Vision, Carlow will commit that:
  • Our student body and workforce reflect the rich diversity of our surrounding community and the totality of the human experience, with vibrant contributions from people of different gender identities, races, religions, sexual orientations and identities, ages, national origins, differing abilities, and socioeconomic status.
  • Students, staff, faculty, and visitors to our community report a sense of safety and welcome in their own identities, however they define them, and exhibit a willingness to extend the same safety and welcome to others.
  • We learn together as an open community, respectful of others’ attitudes and opinions, and address issues of social justice and diversity both inside and outside the classroom, through contemplation and action.

Spring 2018 Membership:

Olivia Bennet
Shelia Carney
Bridgette Cofield
Chloe Deardorff
Debbie Evers
Jessica Freidrichs
Barbara Gilles
Matthey Gordley
Melanie Harrington
Tiffany Johnson
Rachel Kish
Ada Lovo-Martinez
David Meadows
Suzanne Mellon
Dhari Mohammad
Sylvia Rohr
Laylah Robinson
Jessica Ruffin
Jaqueline Smith
Julie Sprull
Judith Toure
Mark Weir
Carl Zappa