Students in a Discussion
All students are assigned an academic advisor when they are admitted to a program. The academic advisor is responsible for helping the student make informed choices about course selection, but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that courses are taken in the appropriate order and that all requirements of the program are satisfied for graduation.

Your advisor is available to help with all of your academic concerns and can help you to resolve other issues as well. Online students may contact their advisor with any questions or concerns by email or phone and expect to receive a response within 24-48 hours. If the student does not receive a response within that time frame, they should call or send another email. Virtual meetings with your advisor can be arranged using a web conferencing tool.

It is expected that the student will maintain the same academic advisor throughout her tenure as a student within the program. If a conflict does occur between the academic advisor and the student, the student may request a change of advisors. The program director will review the request, discuss the request with the concerned parties and determine if a change is indicated. If so indicated, the program director will assign a different academic advisor.