Nursing offers a wide variety of excellent career opportunities.

Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Meaningfully Different Nursing

Here at Carlow, you will learn to be more than a nurse. Our students and graduates are equipped with the skills they need to go out and serve others. See how our students make an impact on their communities.

Graduate with the knowledge you need as a nurse

Upon Completion of the BSN program, the student is expected to:

  1. Integrate theories and concepts of human experience from the humanities and social/natural sciences into professional practice.
  2. Transition into the professional nursing role: demonstrating critical reasoning, providing respectful, compassionate care, valuing life-long learning and practicing within professional legal and ethical frameworks.
  3. Demonstrate leadership and interprofessional collaborative communication to achieve patient safety, quality improvement and patient advocacy in healthcare delivery systems.
  4. Integrate evidence; clinical experience; interprofessional perspectives; and patient-centered (or individual, family, and community) preferences into the plan of care.
  5. Implement information technology knowledge, skills and attitude in the delivery of patient-centered care in diverse settings.
  6. Apply basic knowledge of the impact of political, financial, and regulatory systems on the rapidly changing healthcare environment.
  7. Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills for respectful interprofessional collaboration.
  8. Collaborate with individuals, the interprofessional team, and the community to promote positive health outcomes and decrease health disparities.
  9. Incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability into safe and competent individual and system-level practice.


*The Program Objectives are based upon: The Sisters of Mercy Core Values (Carlow University Mission Statement, 2009), AACN BSN Essentials (2019) and the QSEN Pre-licensure Competencies (2003).


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