Become a leader in education

Carlow's MEd in Educational Leadership and Principal's Certification will prepare you for advanced leadership positions in Education, whether public, private, or non-profit. Carlow will prepare you to become leaders who exemplify the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to develop, articulate, implement and sustain high quality learner-centered educational programs. 

The need for principals in the educational landscape is only going to increase, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: "School leaders who are retiring, transferring schools, or pursuing new opportunities within the education sector are not being replaced by enough qualified candidates. 

As a result, many school districts across the country report principal vacancies and a serious lack of qualified applicants to replace them.   

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Choose your own path:

  • MEd in Educational Leadership
  • Principal's certification
  • MEd in Educational Leadership and Principal's Certification 
The program is offered completely online or at the Oakland Campus.

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 MEd in Educational Leadership Highlights

  • An innovative program design that utilizes project-based applications of skills and competencies
  • Continued interaction with highly effective school leaders incorporated into coursework design
  • Use of tools to support leadership effectiveness through the CREATE Lab Satellite, PDE-endorsed SAS resources, partnership experiences, etc.
  • Access to our Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University with a licensed and experienced principal
  • A three-semester model of hybrid, online, onsite, and offsite courses that allow for program completion in one year
  • A full-year internship experience (fall, spring and summer), under the direction of a mentor principal, to enable aspiring leaders an opportunity to participate in immersive experiences that encompass all facets of school leadership and management
  • Partnerships with regional schools and districts through a professional development school model, in addition to an existing partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools through the SDUC (School District-University Collaborative)
  • Special partnership with Catholic Diocese
  • Test-prep resources and seminars aligned to the licensure exam

Admission Requirements

  1. For 30-Credit MEd in Educational Leadership: Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) with initial certification in a relevant educational field (teacher, guidance counselor, school librarian, school psychologist, etc.)
    For 18-Credit Principal Certification Program: Master’s Degree (MA, MS, MEd, etc.) and initial certification in a relevant educational field (see above)
  2. Three years of successful classroom or educational experience prior to program admission
  3. Cumulative 3.0 undergraduate or graduate GPA
  4. Completed graduate application
  5. Successful completion of background checks/PA clearances
For a student who has already earned and been awarded a Masters degree, at least 12 of the 18 required credit hours toward principalship certification must be awarded at Carlow; this includes all three internship courses.