a student in the liberal studies program
Carlow has a lot of majors, but maybe you can't find the one that fits you. A degree in Liberal Studies might be just what you're looking for.

The process is simple: work with your advisor to pick three minors. You can choose three liberal arts minors, or make one of them a professional studies program (like accounting or business management). That's 54 credits of a Carlow education created by you and your advisor. 

This major is also an ideal preparation for students who are planning to pursue studies beyond the bachelor degree level. Do you have particular career goals that require in-depth study in more than one academic area? Liberal studies is made for you. 

For example, a current Liberal Studies student is preparing to be a Humane Police Officer. She is minoring in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Biology in preparation for entering the Police Academy. Liberal Studies majors are aware that the complexities of public issues require a complexity of disciplinary approaches.

Tevin Scott, Liberal Studies major
Tevin Scott, liberal studies major

Total Program Required Credits: Minimum 54 credits. The required number of credits for each minor and the particular sequence of courses are determined by the academic program offering the minor.  

Three Minors in Separate Programs of Study:  The three minors constitute the minimum 54 credit requirement. Two of the chosen minors must be in Liberal Arts programs; one minor may be in a Professional Studies program (i.e. Accounting, Business Mgt., Human Resources, Information Technology or Nursing), or all three may be in a Liberal Arts program. 

Liberal Studies Thesis:  During the senior year, the student will produce a senior project that reflects the learning outcomes of the program. While this project will be created in conjunction with the program advisor, the student will be free to choose a project faculty director from any of the chosen minor fields. 

Carlow Compass:  Any of the Carlow Compass courses can be counted toward the minors where applicable, as well as to the Liberal Studies major as a whole.