ISEP at Carlow University


Carlow University is excited to be one of the newest members of the ISEP consortium, a network of nearly 300 universities around the world. Beginning in spring 2018, Carlow students will be able to apply to spend a semester or full year at any of the ISEP member institutions outside the US. ISEP is a great way to spend time abroad for the same cost as studying on campus, as students are billed by Carlow and have access to financial aid and scholarships. Most institutions offer ample English language coursework in a wide variety of fields, so students are likely to find a program that meets their academic, professional, and personal needs.


Students begin the process by selecting, ranking, and applying to programs through the ISEP website, selecting Carlow University as their home institution. Some program sites have better chances of placement than others, so students should be open-minded when selecting sites. ISEP will review the application and inform the student of their placement. 

As an exchange program, students will be billed by Carlow for their regular tuition, fees, room, and board, just as if they were on campus; they will not pay anything to the host institution overseas. This means that students should have access to all financial aid options including federal and state aid as well as Carlow scholarships.


The ISEP network includes over 300 member institutions in more than 50 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Program sites include institutions and cities both large and small, so students will be able to find a setting that matches their needs. Students with limited or no foreign language proficiency should not limit their search to English-speaking countries, as many institutions around the world offer plenty of courses taught in English, even in countries where English is not widely spoken.


With so many participating institutions, ISEP offers coursework in nearly every field. In most cases, students may choose from courses across the curriculum, offering the opportunity to both advance discipline-specific work and to explore new subjects.

These courses may be approved for a major, minor, Compass breadth/depth requirement, or elective credits.

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Full academic year
  • Summer (very limited)
  • Tuition and Fees - Carlow traditional undergraduate tuition and fees
  • Housing and Meals - Carlow room and board
  • International Health Insurance - $200.00
  • Carlow undergraduate
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Good disciplinary record
NOTE: Certain program sites may more stringent eligibility requirements, including higher GPA cutoff, foreign language proficiency, specific majors, etc. The Center for Global Learning will work with applicants to ensure they select a program that is a good fit for their particular circumstances.

  • Fall and full-year: February 1
  • Spring: September 1
Placement decisions will be made by ISEP approximately two weeks after the application deadline. Applications will still be accepted after the deadline on a rolling basis.