a tree during the fall on Carlow University campus

We invite exceptional students who want to excel in intellectual development and leadership skills to advance their personal and professional success and make a significant contribution to society through the Honors program at Carlow.

A Community of Scholars. The Pursuit of Excellence.  

If you have strong academic credentials — and also want to make a meaningful difference in your world — then consider the Honors Program at Carlow University. 

It's a program for a select group of women and men who want extraordinary academic opportunities and unique educational experiences. And it's also the chance to interact with other who are as passionate as you are about developing as scholars, learning what it means to be ethical leaders, and having a significant impact in our society. Each year, approximately 20 students in Carlow's entering class are selected after a competitive application process to participate in the Honors Program.

Destined for Success.

With their enhanced credentials, Carlow Honors students complete stellar internships.

From Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (biomedical research), to Equipped, Inc. (non-profit management), to the Battle of Homestead Foundation (historical research), Honors students get to work side-by-side with professionals involved with unusual and thought-provoking projects. These work experiences, coupled with the program's rigorous academic training, give Carlow's Honors students that extra advantage in their professional careers, whether they plan to work at a Fortune 500 company or enter graduate school.

The Honors program offered me an array of challenging course work and surrounded me with people who, by their own excellence, push me to excel. - Stacy Delledonne, History Alum