Remember: You can find a great deal of helpful information at the Online Student Support section of our website. 

When to Call the IT Help Desk: First, visit the IT Website and make sure that you have changed your Carlow password and enrolled in Password Recovery. This will help you help yourself in the event you forget your password! You will also find helpful login information and links Carlow University technology resources: 

If you don't have this phone number in your cell phone or written down, its time to do so! If you ever experience any issues with CelticOnline, please contact Carlow University’s IT Help Desk promptly at 412.578.8700. Someone answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even holidays). Do not contact your instructor until after calling the IT Help Desk.

The Help Desk will log your call so that we can track extended issues and route your request to the person who can most likely help you solve the problem. Examples of reasons to call Carlow University's IT Help Desk include: 

  • slow log in process
  • unable to log in
  •  you can't see your post to a discussion board
  • locked out of an exam
  • unable to open a file in the course
  • trouble submitting something through CelticOnline
  • …..and many more!

Tech Requirements for Online Courses: To view the current recommended technology requirements for online courses, please visit the Technology Requirements section of the website.