Carlow offers a minor in health coaching.

Health Coach Minor

Carlow University offers a minor in health coaching. Students who completed the requirements of the minor are prepared to engage in coaching others in pursuing healthier lifestyles. 

The Health Coach Minor prepares students: 

  • To work one-on-one with patients and families
  • To become proficient at skills necessary to assist with disease management, health literacy, and health outcomes
  • To improve your healthcare systems marketability in an ever-changing healthcare environment

The minor is a 19-credit program that is open to students in any major.


Required Courses


The minor is made up of seven courses that total 19 credits.

Complete all five of the following courses:
  • PH 210 Biomedical Ethics 
  • CM 370 Communication and Healthcare
  • NU 110* Wellness across the Adult Lifespan (Note: This NU class is open to non-NU students in the minor)
  • SSC 300 Health Coach (3 credits, new course) 
  • SSC 301 Health Coach Practicum (1 credit, this practicum may be repeated for credit)   
Select two additional courses from the following list:
  • BIO 205 Anatomy and Physiology
  • CM 232 Organizational Communications
  • SW 226SL Networking in the Community
  • PY 285 Introduction to Counseling or SW 302 Introduction to Case Management
  • PY/SW 430 Crisis Intervention
  • POL/NU 420 Legal, Ethical and Political Issues in Healthcare (LEPI) – non-nursing students take POL 420
  • NU 451 Intro to Epidemiology
  • NU 317I/SO 317 Healthcare from a Global Perspective – non-nursing students take SO 317
  • BSM 204 Management in Health Services