High School Summer Program at Carlow University

Earn College Credit in High School

Carlow University offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit through our College in High School (CHS) program. There are four different credit-earning options for high school students: courses at Carlow which are open to high school students following a college preparatory track, courses co-taught by high school and Carlow faculty, courses at high school taught by Carlow faculty, courses at high school taught by high school personnel which are Carlow-approved as college level (including some AP [advanced placement] courses).

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Experience College During the Summer

Who do you want to be? What do you want to do for your future career? These are big questions for any young woman in high school and what better way to find out what you want to do than trying it firsthand? Carlow University offers three- and four-day innovative pre-college programs in law, sciences, healthcare, and environmental sciences.

These four pre-college programs are for talented high school young women as part of our Women of Spirit Institute. Experience the excitement of college life, take courses with excellent faculty, and enjoy an unforgettable summer while making new friends.

As a summer pre-college student you can: 

  • Get a jump start on exploring careers and academic majors from nursing to law
  • Experience the excitement of college life at a university
  • Meet leaders in your field and learn about their day-to-day professional life
  • Enhance your college applications with this unique experience
  • Make new friends¬†
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