The colors of fall brightened the entrance to the University Commons.

Welcome, Families

Both you and your student are about to go through important transitions. The events during New Student Orientation are designed to provide significant support and assistance to students as they make this big change. We encourage you to talk with your student about the importance of participating in events and activities during Orientation. 

Families - We need your help! By encouraging your student to attend all orientation activities, you might help them make their new best friends! 

Family Farewell:

Family Farewell time: 4:30pm-4:45pm on Move-in Day. At this time, we will ask all family members to let your student be welcomed to Carlow University with their classmates, and to begin experiencing what it means to be a Carlow Celtic!

Helping With the Transition:

Here are some parent resources to help with the transition:

Transition Year: Your Source for Emotional Health at College
National Parent Center on Transition and Employment
College Parent Central


This year, we will also be opening up the opportunity for parents to go through the same Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Violence training that we provide electronically to your student through MyStudentBody.

Here is the link: MyStudentBody
School Registration Code: carlowparent

To complete the same modules your student will have to complete, click "Student" at the top of the page. The modules to complete are located in the upper left-hand corner. This will not complete the modules for your student, they will have to complete them separately.

Common Reader:

We are also encouraging you to engage with our First-Year Common Reader! This year's read is currently to be determined.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask your student. If your student is unsure, suggest that they to reach out to any of our offices on campus. If you find yourself still seeking answers, feel free to contact the Office of Campus Life at 412-578-6293.