Summer 2018 Noted and Quoted

"The seven Sisters of Mercy are true exemplars of the university. Having left home and country and traveled to Pittsburgh, they turned their attention and compassion to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised, transforming lives through education, healthcare, social services and countless other ministries across our country. Carlow University's values of mercy, hospitality, service, discovery and the sacredness of creation are rooted in their lives and witness."

+ Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD, President of Carlow University [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 29, 2018]

“Prior to the 19th Amendment, women had the right to vote in 15 states, starting with Wyoming in 1890. But Pennsylvania women could not vote until the 19th Amendment became federal law. Pennsylvania was the seventh state, however, to ratify the constitutional amendment —on June 24, 1919— after Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, New York and Ohio.”

+ Ellie Wymard, PhD, Professor Emerita, Carlow University [Writing in an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 26, 2018]

“Speaking at Carlow University’s 2018 Commencement ceremony on behalf of my incredibly intelligent and passionate classmates was a privilege like no other. The Joseph G. Smith Award recognizes not only academic achievements, but, more importantly, a student’s distinguished service to his or her community— something that each and every one of us can incorporate into our lives.”

+ Devan Stanko, valedictorian and 2018 Joseph G. Smith Awardee [In Woodland Hills Magazine, Fall 2018] 

“Images by Pittsburgh-based photographers Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Nate Guidry, Lynn Johnson and Annie O'Neill include a naturalization ceremony, the recent arrival of a Bhutanese family, and places of worship and community centers built by earlier generations of immigrants.”

+ Out of Many – Stories of Migration, Carlow University Art Gallery Exhibit [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 20, 2018]

"Tom and I are proud to honor these incredible women for their profound contributions to the people and communities of Pennsylvania. Our commonwealth is a better place because of their selfless dedication and hard work, and we cannot thank them enough."

+ Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf, at the 2018 Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania event, where Carlow University Woman of Spirit® Mary Lou McLaughlin was one of the six honorees. [US Fed News, Oct. 3, 2018] 

"There has been an increase in trafficking locally, more than likely related to fracking and related to the opioid issues."

+ Mary Burke, professor of psychology at Carlow University, who in 2004 founded the nonprofit Project to End Human Trafficking. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 1, 2018]