Mercy Service Day

On Sept. 21, hundreds of Carlow University students put down their books and laptops and picked up a paintbrush, scrub bucket or broom to assist 18 nonprofit organizations throughout Allegheny County as part of the university's annual Mercy Service Day.

The students painted kettles at the Salvation Army, pulled weeds at Our Clubhouse and sorted and packed medical supplies at Global Links, to name just a few sites where they volunteered.

Students were there to lend a hand and help the organizations accomplish some work that they can't do during the normal course of their workweek.

Mercy Service Day has been an annual activity at Carlow University for 14 years. It is held during the third week of September to honor Carlow's founding by the Sisters of Mercy in 1929. For the past several years, it has been an integral part of Mercy Founders Fortnight, Carlow's two-week celebration of its heritage.


Students set up chairs for an event at Our Clubhouse.

Students wait for the bus downtown to go to Light of Life Mission on the North Side.

Sorting clothes in the clothing bank at Light of Life.