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    The English major provides a strong foundation in British and American literature, world literature, major writers, and linguistics. Students who major in English have the flexibility to focus on additional areas of interest by taking a variety of electives or pursuing a double major or minor in creative writing or other areas of interest. Many major courses highlight women writers' contributions to the history of literature.

    English majors develop the ability to read critically, to communicate clearly and confidently, and to conduct research with an open and analytical mind. The major prepares students for many professions that require strong analytical thinking and exceptional communication skills, including fields such as teaching, publishing, public relations, and law.

    English majors may develop additional skills and professional experience through membership in Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honors Society), completing the Writing for Social Media internship, and editorial internships for The Critical Point and Dionne's Story anthologies.

    Major Requirements: 41 credits

    • • EN 207, EN 220, EN 301, and EN 444 (11 credits)
    • • Two American literature courses (EN 225, EN 305, EN 306, EN 321, EN 322, or EN 323) (6 credits)
    • • Two British literature courses (EN 270, EN 271, EN 318, EN 319, or EN 320) (6 credits)
    • • Three world literature/language courses (EN 219, EN/WS 233I, EN 265, EN 310, EN 340, foreign language or study abroad for academic credit) (9 credits)
    • • Three English electives (9 credits), which may include internship experience.

    Students intending to pursue a graduate degree in English should take at least two semesters of foreign language to meet the world literature/language requirement.

    Where Our Graduates Go

    Our recent graduates have continued their careers at these organizations:

    • •  Chatham University
    • •  Point Park University
    • •  Compass AmeriCorps
    • •  United Mitochrondial Disease Foundation
    • •  University of Pittsburgh