About Dionne's Project

Dionne's Project for Safe Relationships is dedicated to the mission of preventive education in domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Dionne's Project members hold workshops, sponsor guest speakers, participate in the Clothesline Project, write articles to raise awareness, and publish anthologies of poetry and prose to more deeply explore the nature of relations and affirms empowered or potentially empowered women in the face of difficulty, even violence.

About Dionne Scott White

Dionne's Project was named after Dionne Scott White, a Carlow University creative writing student, who was killed by her long-time companion in October 2003. She became the unintentional inspiration for a movement on the Carlow University campus and in ever-widening circles in Pittsburgh. Dionne left behind three young children, family, friends, and scores of classmates, teachers, and staff who knew here at Carlow. All were shocked and grieved to learn that she had been suffering unbeknownst to most for a long time.

Graciously, heroically, Dionne's family has encouraged everyone to tell her story over and over, and to use her tragic story to engage people in seeking answers to the questions surrounding Dionne's death and more, in hope that other young women—or man—will recognize a pattern or find courage in its affirmation that many suffer, often in silence, and that it doesn't have to end in the same way it did for Dionne.

If you need help, visit the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence's resource page. For immediate help, always call 911.