Students who are majoring in another area of study but who are interested in studying issues such as the administration of justice, criminology, or security, may elect to minor in criminal justice. Students who minor in criminal justice must take: SO 152, SO 180, SO 190, and take four electives from an approved list of electives to be selected in consultation with the advisor. 


SO 152, SO 180, SO 190

Also select at least three of the following: SO 185, SO 187, SO 215, SO/SW 218, SO 280, SO 315, SO 325, SO 255, SO 260, SO 285, SO 287, SO 289, SO 312, SO 316I, SO 228, PY 209, PY 352, and PY 488. (Note: This list is subject to modification. Check with the sociology advisor for additional courses.)