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The major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of crime, the effects of mental health and individual difference, and the effectiveness and fairness of society’s efforts to prevent and to control it. Students engage in a cross-disciplinary approach to the study of crime, offenders, and victims, as well as the agencies, laws, policies, and processes of the criminal justice system. In keeping with the social justice mission of the Sisters of Mercy, the Carlow Criminology Program emphasizes prevention and remediation strategies for those that have been convicted of crimes. Students are trained to become agents of change by developing critical thinking skills through problem-based learning so they can impact the fields relevant to criminology professionals regardless of setting.

A Psychology Concentration is embedded within the Criminology Program, which ensures that students have the knowledge relevant to direct practice professions in the field and develops an awareness of the critical role that mental health plays in criminal behavior. Still, students may pair their studies with additional minors in Pre-Law, Counseling, or Crisis & Trauma.


Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Locations: Main Oakland Campus

Notable Courses


An introduction to the science or act of attempting to determine criminal culpability based on an individual’s current level of psychological functioning at the time of an offense. It also focuses on an individual’s psychological functioning relative to criminal acts with which the offender has been charged. 3 credits    PREREQUISITE: PY 101


This class is an analysis of the history of the control and prevention of juvenile delinquency. The course includes an overview of the nature and extent of juvenile delinquency, theories about delinquency, an examination of the justice system, and procedures for juveniles in this system.

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