This distinctive interdisciplinary major is the only Corporate Communication program in Western Pennsylvania that combines courses from both Departments of Communication and Business Management, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students graduate with knowledge and skill sets in Communication along with an understanding of theories and concepts in Business. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of writing, speaking, marketing, leadership, and team building – skills that are necessary for careers as communication practitioners in corporate settings. Recent graduates are working in marketing communication, public relations, event planning, corporate training, and human resources. Students also engage in exciting internship opportunities with corporations, hospitals, government, and in advertising and public relations firms.

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Where Our Graduates Go

Recent Carlow graduates who majored in communication fields have interned or accepted full-time positions such as:

  • Community Realtions intern, PittsburghPenguins
  • Digital Organizer, Penn Environmental Pittsburgh
  • Digital Marketing Intern, Blue Sky ETO
  • Comm Intern, Seekahoo
  • Outreach and Events Intern, KivaPittsburgh
  • Marketing Intern, Humane Animal Rescue
  • Social Media Intern, 31st Street Studios
  • Music Marketing and Promotions intern, Opus OneProductions
  • Intern at MARC USA

Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communication

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Locations: Main Oakland Campus



You will be introduced to today’s global business environment and management principles. Overview topics include types of business organizations, their structures, dynamics, administration, and work distribution functions such as directing, controlling and staffing, and the roles of women in management. The course culminates in the development of a complete business plan as a major project.


You will examine the principles and practice of effective public relations. You will learn to shape information to meet the goals of organizations in reaching diverse publics. You will also critically examine ethical, social, and economic issues.


You will examine leadership as the process of managing meanings and influencing others. You will examine the mutually influential leader-follower relationship, competing theories and perspectives of leadership, the process of creating compelling vision, the language of leadership, charisma and communication, and strategies by which leaders motivate, influence, persuade, advocate, address crises, and create change. You will also explore team building, the impact of gender/ethnic diversity on leadership, and the role of ethics in leadership.  Pre-requisite is CM232.

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